Caterpillar Interview Process (On-Campus 2023): From Online Test to Internship Offer

Sudarshan S
3 min readSep 29, 2023


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to interview with an industry giant like Caterpillar? In this blog post, I’m excited to share my firsthand experience of the Caterpillar interview process, which ultimately led to me landing an internship offer. Let’s dive into the three rounds of assessments that comprised this journey.

Round 1: Online Test (90 Minutes)

My journey with Caterpillar started with a challenging online test that spanned 90 minutes. This comprehensive test covered a wide spectrum of subjects, including aptitude and technical knowledge in C programming, control systems, and digital electronics.

The technical part of the test was particularly demanding, as it assessed my proficiency in key programming languages and understanding of fundamental concepts in digital electronics and control systems.

Round 2: Group Discussion (30 Minutes)

The second round introduced a unique twist to the interview process — a group discussion lasting 30 minutes. In this session, the topic of discussion was “Digital Payment: Safe or Threat.” The panel members kicked off the session by introducing themselves and explaining the rules and format of the discussion.

Our discussion revolved around the pivotal question of whether digital payments are a safe method of transaction or if they pose a threat. It was an engaging conversation where each of us had the opportunity to express our opinions on various facets of this topic, including cybersecurity, data privacy, convenience, and the impact on traditional banking.

The discussion concluded with each participant summarizing their stance on the topic. Overall, the experience of the group discussion was highly positive, with the panel members fostering an environment conducive to open dialogue.

Tips for Group Discussion (GD):

  • Be prepared for a competitive and debating-like atmosphere.
  • Seize opportunities to speak and ensure your contributions are concise and relevant.
  • Summarize your points effectively and strive to conclude the discussion on a neutral note

Round 3: Technical Interview (50 Minutes)

The final round, the technical interview, was a pivotal step in my journey. I interviewed for the role of “Associate Software Developer”, and the interview lasted 50 minutes.

The interview commenced with the customary “Introduce yourself” question, followed by a self-assessment of my proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, and Python. The interviewer then delved into a series of technical questions, including:

  • Declaring variables in the heap and stack using C.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of basic C programming concepts such as macros, header files, and endianness (little endian and big endian).
  • Writing a C++ program to determine if a given string is a palindrome.
  • Discussing my final year project and previous projects.
  • Inquiring about my familiarity with front-end technologies.

The interview also included some HR-related questions, covering topics such as work location preferences, family background, and my career aspirations for the next two years. The interviewer posed a thought-provoking question about whether I would be content working in a role that didn’t involve machine learning.

The interview concluded with an opportunity for me to ask any questions I had.

Result: Internship Offer

The culmination of this interview journey was a rewarding one — I received an internship offer from Caterpillar.

In conclusion, the Caterpillar interview process assesses not only technical knowledge but also the ability to engage in thoughtful discussions and articulate opinions effectively.

Remember to prepare thoroughly, stay confident, and seize every opportunity to showcase your abilities. Best of luck on your journey to Caterpillar!



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